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Gallery 2018-2019

Christingle 13.12.18

Children in Need - November 2018

Fruit Kebabs - September 2018

Y1 have been helping the fictional book characters Charlie and Lola to be healthy. They have researched healthy eating, and read and written instructions for a healthy fruit kebab. They worked hard on their design technology skills to create and make a fruit kebab to tempt Lola to try new foods.

Birthday Party - September 2018

Y1 have been busy planning and preparing for the birthday parties for their class bear. The have been busy writing lists and invitations, and have been developing their food technology skills through making party food. It was a fabulous party!

Maths - September 2018

Y1 have been demonstrating their super maths through a range of activities. They have shown they can recognised lots of numbers and the values of them, and also found lots of different number bonds. Their work on more than and less than has led them to learning some new mathematical symbols and they can now use < > and = brilliantly!

Gallery 2017-2018

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