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Gallery 2018-2019

Sports Day

Sports Day

Active Week

Active Week

Great Get Together - 20.6.19

Dance Mats 14.6.19

Y1 have been having a great time keeping fit on the North Kirklees Sport Partnership dance mats!


Minibeast Sculptures

Darwin - April 2019

Y1 children have been walking in the footsteps of Charles Darwin… they have been discovering plant and animal life in our school grounds.

ICT Moving Pictures - 14.3.19

Developing ICT skills by creating picture, sound and movement on the 2simple software to make a moving picture.

Spring Walk - March 2019

Y1 have continued their work on seasonal changes by exploring signs of spring.

Literacy Morning - 21.3.19

We had a fabulous morning sharing all our literacy skills with our families. After finding out all about the English curriculum, our family members joined us in class to get a flavour for some of the activities that we do at Shaw Cross to become amazing readers and writers. 

Red Nose Day - 15.3.19

Year 1 had a great time during red nose day. Despite the cold, wet weather, families joined us for a session of events outside, including relay races, a joke orienteering hunt and planting funny face cress seeds, as well as some indoor class based activities. Children found out about the good causes supported by comic relief and as a school we raised a wonderful £274.19. Thank you everyone.


Year 1 have been busy exploring lots of maths concepts using practical equipment before doing recordings of their own.

Science - Troll

Year 1 children found out about different materials and their properties. They used their knowledge to investigate which materials would be best to sound proof the billy goats hooves so that they didn’t keep waking up the troll when they crossed the bridge.


Investigating parts of plants and researching about the job each part does to keep the plant alive.

RSPB Birdwatch 10.1.19

Year 1 children have been working hard to research different garden birds so that they could help the RSPB with the school bird watch.

Everyone had a fabulous time working with their families to do lots of bird themed activities. Everyone made different bird feeders to take home and help feed the birds in our community.

Winter Walk

Children in year 1 developed their scientific understanding about seasonal changes when they went for a winter walk. The looked for changed that had occurred since the Autumn and explored their senses to notice the world around them. They were delighted to finish with a delicious cup of hot choolate!

Christmas 2018

Christingle 13.12.18

Autumn Walk - October 2018

Year 1 have been exploring their senses and developing their descriptive vocabulary through an Autumn walk. The children loved using our fabulous school grounds to think about what they could hear, smell, see, touch and taste (a parkin treat at the end!). They are using their ideas to write senses poems.

Children in Need - November 2018

Fruit Kebabs - September 2018

Y1 have been helping the fictional book characters Charlie and Lola to be healthy. They have researched healthy eating, and read and written instructions for a healthy fruit kebab. They worked hard on their design technology skills to create and make a fruit kebab to tempt Lola to try new foods.

Birthday Party - September 2018

Y1 have been busy planning and preparing for the birthday parties for their class bear. The have been busy writing lists and invitations, and have been developing their food technology skills through making party food. It was a fabulous party!

Maths - September 2018

Y1 have been demonstrating their super maths through a range of activities. They have shown they can recognised lots of numbers and the values of them, and also found lots of different number bonds. Their work on more than and less than has led them to learning some new mathematical symbols and they can now use < > and = brilliantly!

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