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Gallery 2019/2020

Maths Morning

We were delighted to have some year 1 adults join us to find out about how we teach maths at Shaw Cross. Adults had a presentation about strategies and calculations from Mrs Lindley, our maths lead, before spending time with their children in class. Thank you to everyone involved.

Sport Relief

Y1 children and some of their adults enjoyed the spring sunshine as they set off around our school grounds on a 1 mile sport relief walk. Along the way they had some active maths challenges to solve. Everyone did a brilliant job.

Well done to all involved and thank you to families who donated towards our sport relief collection which will help families who are living difficult lives.

World Book Day - Share a Story

As part of World Book Day, we are taking part in the ‘share a million stories’ challenge. Y1 invited their families along to share stories at the end of the day. We are sending our results into World Book Day and hope that across the country we help to reach the million target!

World Book Day - The Tempest

On World Book Day our Year 1 children were treated to a puppet theatre performance. This was based on the story ‘The Tempest’ and was performed by Satellites Arts. This interactive show was a fabulous first taste of the well know works of William Shakespeare! The performance included children participating in exploring the story and had songs to join in with. We hope this will inspire some future authors and actors.

Bird Watch

Many thanks to our family members for coming and joining us for our Year 1 bird watch event. Despite the weather, we managed to make bird feeders to take home, complete the RSPB bird watch and do many other themed activities.

Class 3

Class 4


Year 1 have been working with Connor, a coach from Huddersfield Giants Community Trust. They have been improving their ability to form and hold key gymnastic positions and developing their core muscle strength.

Winter Walk

As scientists, Year 1 have been continuing their work on seasonal changes by taking part in a winter walk. They used their senses to gain first-hand experience of what is happening to our natural environment due to the onset of winter, and how this has changed from Autumn. The hot chocolate at the end was well received!


Year 1 children have been working hard to develop their fluency in maths. They have had the opportunity to work with lots of practical equipment to help them understand the concepts before moving into more abstract calculations. Well done Year 1!

ABC Multiskills

Year 1 children have been working with Mrs Gerrard to develop their agility, balance and co-ordination skills through our link with the North Kirklees Sport Partnership. Teachers and children go lots of new ideas which we hope to put into action over the next few weeks!

Children In Need

Maths Week England

Harvest Festival


Year 1 have been exploring the mathematical symbols of equals, greater than and less than.

Autumn Walk

Our scientists in Year 1 have been exploring our school grounds and using their senses to develop their understanding of the Autumn season. They used this as inspiration for some poetry work.

Art Work

Children in Year 1 have been finding out about the artist Mark Rothko. They have produced their own work in the style of Rothko to reflect the colours of Autumn.

Bernie and Bertie Birthday Party

After working hard to plan a party for their class bears ‘Bernie and Bertie’ with invites, cards, sandwiches etc, the children in year 1 enjoyed celebrating with a teddy bear birthday party.

Settling in September 2019

Gallery 2018-2019

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