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2018-2019 Gallery

Bikeability - November 2018

Some of our Year 2 children have had the chance to work with Bikeability on balance bikes.

They developed their skills in getting the correct body position, using their strong legs to push and glide their way around, steering and braking. They all had a great time.

‘It was awesome’  Oscar C

‘It was fantastic’  Grace

‘I learnt how to balance without stabilisers’ Aleesha

‘I’m a professional’  Toby

PE Sportshall - November 2018

Children in Need - November 2018

Fox's Biscuits - October 2018

Our Year 2 children became Fox’s Employees for a week!

They were asked to research, design, make and promote a new biscuit that had a healthy option ingredients. Mr Carbutt, a manager, came to set the challenge and kept an eye on the employees through the week. After few hard shifts at work, he returned to see if they had succeeded in their role. This gave our children the opportunity to apply many life skills of communication, co-operation, and applying their learning in real life contexts as well as keeping to deadlines. Well done to everyone for all their efforts. (Including the staff and volunteers who kept up with their roles and department managers!).

Healthy Wraps - September 2018

After reading Sam’s Sandwich we designed and created some healthy wrap sandwiches of our own. We thought carefully about the nutritional value of the foods we chose, and developed our design technology skills in using cutting, grating and slicing tools. In literacy we developed our instruction writing by focussing on imperatives, adverbs, headings and bullet points to add detail and clarity to our work.

Bread - September 2018

Y2 read Sam’s Sandwich and wanted to make Samantha a healthier sandwich. They researched a balanced diet and looked at nutritional value of food. They also worked on reading instructions to make bread. It was delicious! Thank you Mrs Parry, our school cook, for helping us.

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