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Reception Literacy -Phonics

Rec Phonics

Phonics is all about children linking letters and sounds.  When learning letters and sounds we start with satpin because when the children have learnt to recognise them they can start to build words such as at, in, an, it, as, is, cat, pat, sat, sit, pit, can, pan etc.  Children can do this with magnetic letters before they learn how to write them fluently.

We teach children to segment words. Thsi means we ask them to identify the sounds. We start with words with 2 or 3 letters. 3 letter words are cvc words. Children generally learn to hear the initial sound first, then the final sound and last of all the medial (middle sound). Development would usually be as follows. When learning how to write pan, the initial stage would be to represent p, the second stage pt and finally pat.  A school we would celebrate each stage of development with the children.

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