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As well as receiving a reading book every week, children can borrow as many books as they like from our outside library area.

The library area is set up each morning and is put away after school each evening to ensure that children can choose a book with an adult around pick up and drop off times. There is a folder for each reception class available outside, for adults to record which books have been borrowed. The table below shows the rewards that are given for each milestone reached.

10 books read Stamp
20 books read Sticker
30 books read Certificate
40 books read Lucky Dip
50 books read Special Prize
100+ books read Special Certificate

We would encourage parents and carers to read daily to children. Children love listening to stories and engaging with pictures and information in books and it is all the more pleasureable if done with an adult.

Listening to stories helps children to develop good language skills which will help them to be good speakers and listeners and writers as well as readers.

We subscribe to an online reading resource called 'Bug Club', each week the children are given a new book to access on the website based on the phonics letters and sounds they have been learning. Click on the link below and use the password your child has been given to access these books.


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