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Keeping Safe

We have a duty to ensure that children feel and know how to keep safe and healthy. Through PHSCE  lessons  assemblies and nurture groups we help children to recognise and know how to deal with risks, avoid and resolve conflicts, respect others and have the confidence and know who to approach if they need help.

We teach the children to recognise:

  • what behaviours constitute bullying so they behave appropriately and to be able to assess whether they are being bullied so that they can seek help
  • what are appropriate relationships and how they should be expected to be treated

This includes when using the internet. Children learn about online safety on Digital Brain Primary, our learning platform.

There are many web based resources to support learning in this area. Below are links to useful websites for parents.

Keeping Safe for Kids


Click on Welephant to take you to the Keeping Safe for Kids page

On line safety advice for parents for when their children use the internet

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