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British Values


In Nursery and school we regard democracy as a situation where aim to ensure that children feel that they have equal rights.  In Nursery and Reception we begin by placing great emphasis on personal, social and emotional development by giving children the opportunities to develop their self confidence and self awareness so that they learn how to take turns and collaborate to make decisions with others through their play.

From an early age we encourage children to become involved in making decisions about class routines and rules, with Y1 and Y2 children partaking in elections for School Councillors and Playground Monitors. Through our teaching programmes and assemblies children start to learn about our democratic traditions, in contexts such as the celebration of the anniversary of the Queen as the longest reigning monarch and because of our democratic traditions, our country as for many years been a safe refuge for children such as Judith Kerr, the author of the Mog books and the Tiger Who Came to Tea, at risk in their own countries.  We make children aware of the responsibilities that come with their position and are always pleased with the high number of children who wish to put themselves forward.

Rule of Law

We work hard to develop an understanding that the class and school rules are important in ensuring that our school is safe and happy.  To do this we help children to manage their feelings, learn what is right and wrong, behave within clearly defined boundaries and learn how to deal with the consequences of their actions.  We point out and praise desired behaviours by rewarding children with treasures, which are put into a class accumulator. When this is full children earn a class treat.  We choose stories about characters that may be displaying inappropriate behaviours and responses and encourage children to reflect and discuss to the correct course of action.

We have invited in police officers to talk to the children about how they help people by upholding laws and how these relate to school rules.

Individual Liberty

We attach great importance on helping children to develop their self confidence and awareness alongside their knowledge and respect of different people and communities. By recognizing and valuing the children’s interests, endeavour and background we strive to develop high self esteem so that children are equipped to speak up for themselves if they feel that they are being treated unkindly or bullied and develop the resilience meet challenges to further their own learning and life chances.

Teaching children about appropriate relationships both in the real world and on line, so that they know how to keep safe, plays a vital role in ensuring that their liberty and well being are protected.

This links in very closely with:

Mutual Respect and Tolerance

Within school this is a fundamental value where we teach children the importance of treating others as we would like to be treated. To achieve this we strive to provide many opportunities to understand the diversity of our community and develop an ethos where different views, faiths, cultures, races together with gender and disabilities, are valued. These include planned events such as learning about celebrations in different cultures and religions and visits to local churches and mosques; sharing of special moments of individual children and more generally through our ethos of celebrating diversity, having positive images and challenging stereo types.

Children are taught to recognise positive and negative feelings and to reflect on how their words and actions may impact on others.  We strive to develop a nurturing ethos where positive relationships between staff and pupils enable children with concerns to be able to approach an adult for help and guidance.

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