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Y2 Gallery 2016-17

Fairburn Ings - 15.6.17

We had a lovely day at Firburn Ings RSPB site in Castleford learning about minibeasts and their habitats.  Thank you to all adults who came along to help with the visit.


The Great Get Together - 15.6.17

We have enjoyed spending the day with our school community getting together for a picnic lunch, parachute games and den building for National Den Building day. The get together was in celebration of the work of local MP Jo Cox who worked hard for community cohesion.

As Jo Cox said in her first speech in parliament ‘We are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us’

These are our thoughts about the day:

Casey ‘it is about getting together and having fun together’

Alfie  ‘It’s about making friends and not falling out’

Hayden ‘It’s about being kind’

Lily Mae  ‘We have been remembering how kind Jo Cox was’


Ruby R ‘We have been spending time with each other and having fun’

Jack ‘It’s about getting together and about friendship’

Ruby T ‘We shouldn’t get upset. It is about being happy that we are all different’

Louis ‘We shouldn’t just make one friend but make a lot of friends’

Tierney ‘We have been spending time together’

Emeliah ‘Oscar and I have lots in common. We both like playing tig’

Birdwatch 19.1.17

Children in Need - 18th November 2016

We have all enjoyed working with many families to take part in a range of activities for children in need.

Everyone braved the cold, snowy weather to have a ‘spotacular’ time. Children followed clues to find Pudsey, made ‘spotty kite’s and took part in a ‘jump on spots’ challenge. Families were also able to enjoy the chance to share books and reading activities inside as a way of promoting a love of reading.

Many thanks to all the families who came in and helped make our day a successful one.

Wraps - October 2016

As part of our topic on healthy eating, the children in year 2 have been researching what is needed for a healthy diet. They have focussed on the nutritional value of different types of food in order to help them make healthy choices.

The children used teaching tools on the internet, and shared their own experiences to sequence the stages in making a wrap sandwich. This led to them selecting healthy choices of food and designing a wrap sandwich of their own. They really enjoyed making wrap sandwiches of their own and carefully followed hygiene and safety procedures.

They used their knowledge to write instructions of their own, making sure they included headings, subheadings, bullet points and incorporated the use of imperatives (bossy verbs) and adverbs to make the instructions clear and detailed.

Bread Making - October 2016

After reading Sam’s sandwich, the children in Year 2 wanted to help Samantha by making her some bread for a new sandwich.

After using the internet, books and food packets, the children found out the ingredients and method for making bread. The children used this as a way of developing their understanding of how to write instructions using titles, headings and identifying the imperatives (bossy verbs!) telling them what to do. Many thanks to our school cook Mrs Parry who got involved in the baking. We have many budding chefs with some delicious bread to take home at the end of the day.

Maths Games - September 2016

Throughout school we invited parents and carers to join their child in class and play a variety of maths games. As a school we believe there is huge potential in using games to develop key mathematical concepts, as well as skills in communication, taking turns and developing fair play. The sessions were enjoyed by many families and we would like to thank them for their time. There was a busy, purposeful feel and it was great to see adults working with groups of children and not just their own child.

Parent comments:

It was nice to have the opportunity to come in and see what children are using to help them learn. We can play some of these games at home.

I like coming in to actually be in class with my child.

A bit longer would have been good! There was a good selection of games to try.

It was fun and the girls have been brilliant. They played fair and took turns.

There are lots of games that she has at home and we play all the time. I enjoy coming in and try to make time to see what my child is learning.

I found out you need a T’Rex top trump card to win!

Children’s comments:

I enjoyed mum coming in. It was fun.

I liked mum and dad coming in and we played top trumps.

It was fun playing games.

It was good. My dad was funny when he was playing the games.

It is fun. Mum and dad get to see what school is like.

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