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Year 2 Gallery 2017-2018

Y1/Y2 Sports Day 5.7.18

The Great Get Together 22.6.18

Visit to Fairburn Ings 14.6.18

Cricket Festival 1.5.18

Year 2 children were delighted to take part in a cricket festival held at Hanging Heaton Cricket Club. This was organised by James, from Yorkshire County Cricket All Stars and was supported by the cricket club and North Kirklees School Games. Staff, children and parents had a fantastic time developing lots of cricket skills. Many thanks to all involved.

‘My favourite bit was when you had to dive onto the mat and catch a ball’  Daisy Y

‘Stopping the ball and throwing it was good. When we saw how fast it had gone my ball went to 25’  Leo

I liked going to the cricket club and doing the different things. I hit the ball really hard into the net’ Mylo

It was really good. My dad joined in as well’ Tommy

‘I liked the clean the planet game’  Layali

‘I hit the wickets when we had to bat the ball at them’  Olly

Sport Relief 23.3.18

During assemblies and class based work we have been learning all about the good work done by charities linked to sport relief. We helped raise money by doing a mile walk and some spring activities. Many thanks to everyone involved.

Huddersfield Giants Rugby

A coach from Huddersfield Giants Rugby League team has been working with Year 2 to deliver sessions from the SkyTry programme.

Maths Morning 15.2.18

Many thanks to the staff, children and families who took part in the year 2 maths morning and made it such a great success. Families had the opportunity of coming into school to find out about how maths is taught with a presentation from Mrs Lindley, our maths lead, followed by time in class working with their child on a range of maths activities.

‘Children love the parents coming in to see what they are doing’.

‘Would be great to have maths courses for adults like in previous years – to get a better insight’.

‘I came to see my child in his school environment’.

‘I am very happy with the progress of my daughter. She is a very happy, confident child’.

‘I think maths is very different to when I was at school si to learn new skills is good’.

‘I came to see how my child is developing. It was perfect and an eye opener to see how difficult the curriculum was’.

Birdwatch January 2018

Even the threat of bad weather didn’t stop Y2 from enjoying taking part in the RSPB schools bird watch. Families joined us for indoor and outdoor activities based around the theme of garden birds. Examples of our activities were making bird feeders, constructing bird houses, learning how to draw birds and doing a bird hunt.

A great time was had by all and many thanks for all the volunteers and families who came to help.

Remembrance November 2017

Children in Y2 spent some time thinking about the work of soldiers in keeping us safe. The reflected on this and took part in some fabulous group discussions. In RE they have been looking at different types of prayer and they wrote prayers for thanking and to ask for help.

We were very proud of children throughout school when they took part in a very thoughtful and respectful silence to mark remembrance day.

Dear God,
Thank you for our world.
Thank you for the army. Help the brave soldiers who help us.
Amen  Lewis

Dear God,
Thank you for keeping our families safe in the war.
Help us to keep everybody safe in any country.
Amen   Noah

Dear God,
Thank  you for the soldiers when they saved our country in the war. Please help us to think about the people who died in the war.
Amen   Mylo

Dear God
Thank you for helping us. Thank you for being brave and helping us.
Please help us to be even more safe. Please help other fighters to be safe when they are hurt.
Amen  Tayla

Dear God
Thank you for the army. Help us to protect each other and help us to be happy. Please care for us and help to save us.Thank you.
Amen   Billy

Dear God,
Thank you for saving the soldiers in our country because they are brave.
Please help to bring the soldiers back safe.
Amen   Tommy

Maths Games November 2017

Year 2 have been enjoying applying their mathematical thinking to play maths games. While doing this they were working on their ability to share, take turns and co-operate.

Fire of London October 2017

While learning about the Great Fire of London, children in Year 2 used role play to act out scenes and gain an understanding of what it would have felt like at the time.

They did this to help inform their diary extracts from 1666.

Fox's Biscuits Ocotber 2017

Y2 children were employed by Fox’s biscuits for a week to design and make a biscuit with a healthy option ingredients. This enterprise project needed children to use all their secrets of success to work as a team and meet the challenge.

Day 1 Research
Mr Carbutt, a manager from Fox’s, was sent to give us our challenge and hire us!  Employees spent the day using their literacy skills to research the ingredients they would need,  and using their maths skills to do market research to find the best healthy option ingredient.

Day 2 Design
As part of the design stage employees needed to look at the pricing of their biscuit. This meant some tricky maths! They also worked as a team to decide on a target market, a shape and a name for their biscuits.

Day 3  Design
This stage in the process we all about packaging their product. Using their knowledge of shape they design boxes and logo’s for their packaging.


Day 4 Making
After all the hard work done so far, day 4 was the day for making! It was time to baking the biscuits and make the packaging.

Day 5 Promotions
All good products need promoting so employees got create and advertised their product through posters and adverts/jingles which were filmed on our ipads.

Finally, Mr Carbutt returned to see whether we had met the challenge and created a product that met the design criteria.

Bread Making September 2017

After finding out about a balanced diet, children in year 2 researched how to make bread to help the fictional character Samantha in the book Sam’s Sandwich. They made some bread of their own thanks to the expertise and help from Mrs Parry in the school kitchen!

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