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The Queen's 90 Birthday Celebrations - Friday 10th June 2016

Children in school enjoyed a day of celebration to commemorate Queen Elizabeth’s 90th Birthday. Wearing red, white and blue children took part in activities throughout the day themed around our Royal family and the Queen, along with a ‘street party’ themed lunch.

A celebration was held to coincide with Kirklees Birthday Sing. Thanks to Mrs Chapman and Mrs Pedlow for organising our music so that we could sing old and new songs and celebrate the Queen’s life. This also gave us the opportunity to look at the role the Queen has within our country, the commonwealth and the world.

We had a fabulous response to our competition to design a birthday mug for the Queen. The entries were so good that we had to randomly select winners!

Den Building Day - Friday 17th June 2016

Year 1 children enjoyed a fabulous morning of outdoor learning which linked in with National Den Building Day.

They took part in 5 activities which required them to co-operate, communicate and work well as a team.

As well as den building they developed their geography skills through map reading to complete an orienteering course.

In addition to this they were able to undertake scientific enquiry skills through a minibeast hunt and flower hunt, looking at habitats and the plants and animals found there.

Active Week and Culture Week

Click here for Active Week                                       Click here for Culture Week

St Paul's Centenary Celebrations

Children in Year 1 and 2 were invited to St Paul’s Church, Hanging Heaton, to take part in their centenary celebrations.

It is 100 years since a fire that destroyed the original church.

Thanks to Vicar Val, Mrs Moseley and members of the church for making us feel so welcome.

Green Week May 2016

With summer on its way children in Year 1 have taken part in our annual Green Week which involved planting projects to enhance our school grounds, and Year 2 learning about British wildlife.

Many thanks to the Year 1 teaching team and all the adults who made the week such a productive and enjoyable learning experience. Our school ground look amazing!

Easter 2016

Thank you to the 83 children who bought and decorated an Egg to display on our Easter Tree. We had some wonderful creations. Well done to Jack in Nursery who was the winner with his Dinosaur Egg.

As in previous years, we have a marvellous display for our Easter Eggstravaganza. Congratulations to Freya in Year 2 for her Egg Family, we were amazed by the creativity of our families.

Mrs Chapman led an assembly about the traditions of the Easter tree, which originated in Eastern Europe. Class representatives took part in decorating class trees.

Children in school have the opportunity to decorate an egg to put on our hall tree. This is a fundraising idea led by Friends of Shaw Cross and can be bought via the school office or can be done during our Easter coffee afternoon on Wednesday 23rd March.

RSPB Birdwatch - 28th and 29th January 2016

Children in school and their families enjoyed 2 days bird-watching in our school grounds and the local area. Thank you to everyone who supported us, especially our Year 1 families who didn't let the very heavy rain stop them from coming along to help.

We are grateful to Groundwork and Living Streets who helped us in securing a grant to buy more rain suits. Click into the Learning Links tab for each year group and then in the Gallery for more photos.


Go Walking Project

With our Partners, Groundwork, we opened up our school grounds for Autumn activities in the outdoors.  We were overwhelmed with the fantastic turn out of 87 parents, pupils, ex-pupils and younger brothers and sisters. After the success of this event, we hope to organise more. Other local places where our parents can go to be active are: East Ardsley Reservoir, Caulms Wood, Oakwell Hall, Pugneys Country Park, Newmiller Dam, Judy Woods, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Cannon Hall, Dewsbury and Batley Park.

January 2016

We have secured a grant to help us buy more waterproof clothing for children in Y1 and Y2 so that bad weather does not prevent us from working outside.  Our next event involving Groundwork and parents  will be 28th and 29th January to prepare for the RSPB Garden Watch weekend.

Sport Relief - 18th March 2016

As part of our activities themed around Sport Relief all our children took part in a ‘Sport Relief Mile’ in line with the theme of ‘run, swim, cycle or walk yourself proud’.

Thank you to everyone who took part and helped us to raise £162.60.

Click here to see our photos.

Road Safety - 1st February 2016

Congratulations to Mohammed who was one of the ten first prize winners of the Kirklees "Be Safe Be Seen" road safety competition.


Pinnochio Theatre Production - 8th February 2016

Children in school were delighted to be treated to a pantomime version of ‘Pinocchio’.

The stage setting, lighting and sound effects gave the children a fabulous insight into the world of theatre.  The excellent actors and actresses have provided our children with role models for story-telling and drama. We hope to see some stars of our own in future learning!

Quotes from children:

It made me feel sad when I thought Pinocchio had died when he drowns. I nearly cried.

It was good because the characters were just like the ones in the story I read.

I wondered how the puppet turned into a boy, then a puppet and then a boy again. It was strange!

They did funny dances like street dance. It was good.

I liked it because there was only 1 bad character and lots of good ones.

Lampwick was really cool.

It was funny but then it went serious and sad and I didn’t like it because I thought Pinocchio had died, but in the end it was happy.

Walk Once a Week - WOW

Children in Key Stage 1 had a visit from Living Streets. They introduced our children to a school campaign called ‘Walk once a Week’ or WoW! The aim of this campaign is to encourage pupils and families to increase the amount of times that they walk to school. Our children shared many ideas about how this can help keep them healthier, reduce the traffic congestion around school and keep them safer, and to reduce the impact on the environment.

Every day children will use a travel tracker programme to log how they have travelled to school. The tracker will accumulate this and if a child manages to walk to school at least once a week then they will receive a monthly badge. The badges have been designed by children and are around the theme of ‘our planet’.  Click here for the badges and the links to educational websites.

Children can achieve their WoW badge by walking, scooting or cycling. They can also achieve success by getting off the bus a stop earlier and walking an extra part of the journey  (hop-off), or parking a little bit further away and walking the remaining distance (park and stride). So whether you live local or far away and need a car .... everyone can participate and be successful! 

For more information you can visit the website

We have now completed three months  of our challenge to walk to school once a week.

All children have been logging their journeys on a database.

In October children in Mrs Lindley’s class were delighted to receive the first award for being the class with the highest percentage of pupils who are walking, scooting, or using park and stride.

Harriet from Living Streets came to discuss the results and present the award.

With parents, children, Governors and community officers and councillors Harriet has conducted a street audit to ascertain how to make the walk to school safer.

Christmas Parties 2015

Children enjoyed playing party games in the hall and classrooms, and tucked in to some party food.

The afternoon was completed by a much awaited visit from a very special man...... we were delighted that Santa took time out of his busy schedule to come and see us!

Christmas Performance and Dinner 2015

We were all treated to a show with ‘Grandy Cook’ full of music, magic and story-telling. Children and adults thoroughly enjoyed the performance.

Thanks to our very talented cooks for a delicious Christmas dinner.

Children In Need - Friday 13th November 2015

As part of our activities themed around Children in Need we took part in a 'Shaw Cross Ramble'.

This was introduced by Countryfile as a way of enjoying the outdoors whilst fundraising for this great cause.  

Click on the image opposite for photos.

Children in Need 2013 (01)

Celebrating Queen Elizabeth II

Children in Year 1 & 2 have been celebrating Queen Elizabeth II becoming the longest reigning monarch in British history.

On September 9th 2015 she will have reigned for 63 years 216 days.In school we have been thinking about the important role the Queen has in making our country such a great one to live in, and how Britain pride’s itself on being a fair and safe place in which to live.  

Click here to see what we have been doing.


The Queen's Longest Reign

In celebration for when the Queen becomes the longest reigning monarch on 9th September, we have been accepted as a beacon school to learn the Queen's Long Dance.  This is a country dance that schools across the country are learning.  We are blogging our journey which will contribute towards a scrap book to be presented to the Queen.

This is our most recent entry:

We have just got started at Shaw Cross with our Year 2 pupils and they are loving it!  We have not worked with the music yet but are looking forward to moving onto this.  The children are doing brilliantly and I am sure they will be ready for their leavers' assembly at the end of term.  Though they are expecting the Queen to turn up!

Year 1 are just beginning to start the dance and hope to pick this up again in September when the Queen actually meets the date of the longest reign.

Comments from Year 2 pupils so far:

It is really good because doing a dance for the Queen makes me really happy.

It is good because I've not been part of a big dance before.

It is good to be part of something again that is exciting for our country.

The gallops are good because each pair gets to have a go so it's fair.

It helps us to get exercise.

I really like the gallops with a partner.