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Reception Gallery 2017-2018

Active Week 9.7.18

The Great Get Together 22.6.18

Visit to Yorkshire Wildlife Park 23.5.18

Sport Relief 23.3.18

Chicks - March 2018

Physical Development

Reception children have been using all the outside resources to develop their gross motor skills.

Maths Morning 14.2.18

Many thanks to the staff, children and families who took part in the reception maths morning and made it such a great success. Families had the opportunity of coming into school to find out about how maths is taught with a presentation from Mrs Lindley, our maths lead, followed by time in class working with their child on a range of maths activities.

‘It has been amazing to see how my grandchild is learning.  The children are like sponges and they are so good at helping each other.’

‘It has been so much fun and I can see now how they can incorporate mastery.’

‘It has been good fun. I don’t always feel that I spend enough time with my child so this has been great.’

‘Brilliant teaching of ways to do maths.’

‘Great morning as always at Shaw Cross.’

‘I came to spend time with my child in school to be able to relate better when I am asking about his day.’

‘I came to make sure the same learning techniques are used at home as school.’

‘Thank you for showing us how fun maths can be. It has given me lots of ideas that I can try at home and on our travels.’

Children have been developing their knowledge in the science area. Using pipettes to develop fine motor skills they have worked on their mathematical understanding of capacity. They have also explored different liquids within their work about knowledge and understanding of the world.

Using construction kits have meant children in reception have had to develop team work and problem solving skills.

They have been showing lots of creative thinking in constructing models of different purposes, and spent time making adaptations and modifications to improve their designs.

Children in reception have loved developing their fine motor skills and creative thinking in the collage area. Look at the amazing things we have made!

In reception the children have lots of opportunities to develop their mark making and work on the early stages of writing development.

You can see we write for lots of different purposes!

We love working on our maths skills in all areas across the reception provision. Using the interactive board and resources such as numicon is helping our children to understand key number skills.

Our school grounds are an amazing extension to our classroom. Whatever the weather we get outside and explore the world around us. We are working on a set of challenges to complete before we finish reception during ‘Forest Fridays’.

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