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We encourage an investigative approach to history. in which children’s curiosity is stimulated but then they are encouraged to pose questions and follow their own lines of enquiry. We ensure children have access to a range of source material such as books, facts, CDRoms, internet sources in order to find out about famous people, events and stories in the past. In this way children learn to gather and interpret evidence for themselves. We utilize local sites and invite visitors into school to share their personal history with the children.



We are a non-denominational school.  In accordance with statutory requirements for non faith schools, in Y1 and Y2 we have a daily act of worship which is “broadly Christian in nature.”  For RE lessons we follow the Kirklees Agreed Syllabus and focus on educating children about Christianity and Islam. Lessons are factual and avoid any indoctrination. 

Children learn about different places of worship, which books are important to the two  faiths and about different religious festivals and how they are celebrated (e.g. special clothes, foods and gifts). There is a strong emphasis on encouraging mutual respect and tolerance of other viewpoints.  Children are encouraged to care for our world, celebrate diversity and recognise interdependence. In May 2012 Ofsted found that “ the curriculum effectively promotes pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Pupils’ social and moral development is a particular strength and is demonstrated in their exemplary behaviour and relationships.

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