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To help children become good Mathematicians, we strive to develop a positive and enquiring attitudes towards mathematics. In the Foundation Stage number rhymes, games, role play and practical activities such as construction and cooking are used to develop early mathematical understanding and concepts. As children progress though school we use many methods to ensure that children develop sound mathematical understanding and have a variety of practical resources to support and deepen learning.

 We encourage children to talk about how they have approached their Maths in order to address misconceptions, help them overcome barriers to their learning and develop efficient calculation strategies.

We place a strong emphasis on developing problem solving skills and providing children with real life contexts in which to use and apply their mathematical knowledge and skills.  These have included role play linked to shopping, to weighing out ingredients for cooking, to creating a net for packaging, producing costings for biscuits in an enterprise project with a local business.


Design Technology

Our design technology involves the children designing, making and evaluating objects and products made by themselves and by others. Children are taught a range of skills and how to use simple tools safely, including the use of food technology and IT facilities. Children are encouraged to be creative in their design skills through a range of contexts. Links are made to skills and interests they are developing now and how these can be developed to become designers of the future e.g fashion, architects, web designers.

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