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The Curriculum

At Shaw Cross School we strongly believe in providing opportunities for children to become successful learners and make good progress. We encourage children to approach their learning with confidence and independence, and to understand the importance of resilience in overcoming barriers and difficulties within their learning. We aim to embed a sense of pride in the journey that a child takes as well as the outcome, and encourage children to reflect on this. This philosophy towards learning is embedded within the foundation stage through the focus on the 'Characteristics of Effective Learning', and in our school 'Secrets of Success' which underpin all our teaching and learning across the curriculum. Our PSHCE curriculum supports this through discrete lessons and in the spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding that threads through each area of the curriculum. We focus on the need to respect themselves, others within the school and wider community and the resources within it.

At Shaw Cross School we provide a highly inclusive environment where learners can enjoy their education and most children make good progress across all subjects and areas of learning.  Regardless of their starting point, pupils at all levels are helped to achieve their potential. They are challenged, supported to embed skills and to become deeper learners. We strive to instil high aspirations for pupils and their families, and encourage children to make a positive contribution to their community and the wider society both now and in the future.  In a forever changing world we aim to equip our children to be well prepared to contribute to life as a British citizen.

Every child has the right to access the statutory Foundation Stage Curriculum and National Curriculum and we approach curriculum planning carefully to facilitate coverage and progression. We ensure that we provide children with rich, diverse and memorable learning experiences where they are able to learn, embed their learning into their long term memory, and transfer skills to other areas of learning. We also facilitate the deepening of this learning both within an activity, and as they move through school. We work hard to ensure that all learning is set within a meaningful context and in doing so ensure that our children have a purpose and motivation for learning.

Our curriculum design also ensures that pupils can learn through a range of learning styles, and provides opportunities for learning individually, in small groups or as a class. Staff access relevant training, and are monitored closely to ensure that we maximise the impact that adults can have on the learning of our children. The majority of this learning is through quality first teaching in class, but may also involve booster/intervention work to accelerate the learning of small groups and/or individuals.

Within school we have an extended school provision in which children can access a breakfast club. In addition to this we provide a number of clubs during lunchtime and after-school where children can develop their physical health, well-being and creativity through sport and music.

High quality visits and visitors into Shaw Cross also enhance the curriculum and provide opportunities to enhance and deepen our learning. Within this we provide regular opportunities for parents/families to join their children in their learning and strengthen our home-school links for the benefit of our children. In doing so we make strong steps towards fulfilling our mission statement of ‘Working together to value and nurture children’.



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